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Lovely and low-maintenance.

We adore our little succulents for the many varieties of colors and shapes they come in. And because they're so easy to care for!

Our BABY SUCCULENTS will fit perfectly in your empty ceramic CANDLE pot, CERAMIC SKULL or HANGING CONCRETE PLANTER.

Your 6 MIXED SUCCULENTS are our BABY size which come in 1" x 2" nursery pots.

You're 6 pack baby succulents will be a hand-selected assortment from these varieties:

  • Echeveria Agavoides
  • Echeveria Green Prince
  • Echeveria Paul Bunyan
  • Echeveria Hookerii
  • Echeveria Lila China
  • Echeveria Black Prince
  • Echeveria Norma
  • Echeveria Lindsayana
  • Echeveria Mensa
  • Echeveria Rondo
  • Echeveria Chinesis
  • Echeveria Elegance
  • Echeveria Colorata
  • Echeveria Pachyfitum

We will handpick the best and the brightest for you and lovingly ship to anywhere within the continental US.


Plant Care

    • Bright
    • Prefers bright direct light.
    • Direct
    • Full sun ideal.
    • About every 2-3 weeks in full sun
    • When soil is completely dry and leaves start to wrinkle.
    • Normal to Dry
    • They like desert conditions.

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